Terms of Service

Before Requesting Work

Ref sheets are not required, I may work from a description, although visual reference is preferred.

I will not provide service to any minors (under 18) requesting NSFW work, including anything to be regarded NSFW by me, or any request that makes me uncomfortable.


Payment is to be made in full before I commence work, unless agreed upon otherwise. I have the right to refuse payment plans & other options as well as refuse refund from partial payment of in progress work.

I reserve the right to refuse refund if I have begun work. Discussion can be made about partial or full refund based upon circumstances.

I may also refuse service if the requested work makes me uncomfortable or I am uncertain whether the scope is within my capabilities.

If for any personal reason I am unable to complete the work, or if I have not begun, you are entitled to a full refund.


Contact me any time during the work. I should respond within 24 hours weekdays. Progress updates may be requested any time although minor alterations are acceptable during any stage. Any change can be discussed and major alteration may incur a fee.

As is standard practice in digital workflows, any 3D art made by me may be used as a tool by myself to create new work. It may also be modified to become, or have originated from, repurposed pieces to become something new with the intent of speeding up content creation. Your intellectual property, characters, or designs will never be resold.


By commissioning any art from me you agree that all work is protected as described in Australian copyright law and by extension international law regardless of nationality. Commercial rights belong to me as the artist.

I reserve the right to publish work publicly, including websites, social media, and in physical form. Discussion can be made regarding cost of withholding art before payment is made.

Alteration of work without permission is not allowed. You may not claim the work as your own. Cropping for icons etc. is acceptable. You are always welcome to post the art as desired with credit, print for personal use, or use for display within third party software.