All prices are USD. Adjustments may be required based on complexity of the character/scene.


Simple Background – $150

Full body and custom pose
Choice of:
– photo composited – matching lighting if photo provided.
– simple artistic scene – electricity, space, etc.

Detailed Background – $250

Custom constructed 3D environment.
Price may vary depending on complexity.

Extra Character/Render or NSFW – $80

Headshot – $60

Choice of:
– photo composite – matching lighting if photo provided
– simple 2D pattern

3D Models

Avatars – $160

Fully rigged, VRChat/Unity compatible 3D models provided in fbx format with associated textures.

Includes simple clothes of any colour.


Props – $100

Game prop or single object, made from provided references or ideas. Price depends heavily on complexity.

Provided in fbx format with associated textures.

Game Worlds – $300

Homes or environments for games, designed from your own concept, with or without references.