Merging Texture Maps with Blender

This is a guide to help you combine or split a combination of texture maps. Specifically here we will combine a color and roughness map for use with Unity. You could modify this example for any similar purpose. You may skip to the last step “Render!” by downloading the template and skipping the explanation. This result could be achieved in image editing software, however as someone who has experience in

Uploading Avatars to VRChat

This guide covers some information useful for uploading avatars created by CoderWolf specifically, for a more detailed guide on uploading avatars please check the VRChat website: This guide and my avatars are designed for VRChat Avatars SDK 3.0. Model Import the model into unity and select it in the project view. Under the “Model” tab make sure “Legacy Blend Shape Normals” is checked. Under “Rig” set the “Animation Type” to

Photogrammetry Guide

Photogrammetry in 3D modelling is the process of converting multiple photos of an object or environment into a digital 3D representation. What do I need? All you really need is a camera, this doesn’t have to be a state of the art device, however if your photos aren’t clear the quality of the result will be affected. A device with manual control over aperture, exposure time, and ISO is highly

Nodevember Challenge

During November each year is a procedural material challenge, Nodevember. Much like Inktober for 3D artists! The challenge website contains more information, and other participants work can be seen online including the Nodevember twitter: Nodevember Website Nodevember Twitter Here are a few of my examples from 2019. Take part using any software you like. I’ll be adding shader tutorials soon, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!